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Did Apes Evolve from Humans?

Evolutionary Origins of Human Back Pain
Segment of new video of 8 month old siamang ape baby naturally beginning to walk before he learns to arm swing (source video shot in HD)
Peter Jennings reports on Dr. Filler & MR Neurography - 1996
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with a foreword by David Pilbeam, Dean of Harvard College, Professor of Human Evolution
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Technical book on spinal evolution by Dr. Filler (2007)

Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron Filler. I’m a spinal neurosurgeon at Cedars Sinai in LA and I’m also a Harvard trained evolutionary biologist. In two books earlier this year and in a major scientific article published this month, I’ve reported a solution one of the great mysteries in human evolution. The result is the amazing finding that the human body form – with its upright bipedal walking - goes back 15 million years earlier than most experts have thought. Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) is just 3.5 million years old and her species now pales into relative insignificance. One remarkable implication is that many of the apes are actually descended from human or human-like ancestors who walked on two feet.

Startling and controversial as this may sound, the paper is being well received among academics even though it turns numerous careers upside down. It has been covered in hundreds of media and blogs in the past two weeks.   It has not yet been reported in broadcast media.

We all have a stake in human origins. This is non-Darwinian evolution and it is important to us because the science of human origins reflects an inner fascination we all share in how we came to be here and what could happen to our species in the future. Every textbook – scientific or creationist is now totally obsolete.


- Let your audience learn the startling new evidence and decide on their own view.

- Did a birth defect launch human evolution?

- Science is not like the bible - when new evidence comes along, we develop new ideas and theories. The bible can only tell one story no matter what new evidence comes along.

- If apes had human ancestors - should they still be treated as animals?

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